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Pur Iso Tincture 2400 MG
Full Spectrum Tincture
2400 MG (30 ML)
Pur Iso Lemongrass Muscle Relief Lotion 500 MG
Lemongrass lotion
500 MG (4 oz)
Pur Iso Full Spectrum Salve 2000 MG
2000 MG
Pur Iso CBN Tincture 500 MG
CBN Tincture
500 MG (30 ML)

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We are a true hemp CBD company that engages in custom formulation as well as ongoing research, ensuring our products are the best on the market. With our in-house formulation, as opposed to outsourcing, we are able to ensure the same quality and experience for our customers consistently and reliably. At Pur IsoLabs we are committed to offering hemp CBD products of the highest quality and purity, so our customers can be confident in a consistent, incomparable product. This care and passion is paramount in the development and production of all of our CBD products, ensuring the best product every time.

Our Philosopy

We strive to grow the highest quality Texas hemp using sustainable, and ethical practices.

Plant To Product

Our hemp CBD products are crafted with the same care and attention that we give to growing our hemp.

Proudly Grown

All of our products are produced from hemp proudly grown in the USA.

Our CBD Products

Our line of hemp CBD mints, capsules, tinctures, topicals, teas, and more were crafted with care, attention to detail and respect for the plant itself. Our goal is to provide comfort through our powerful CBD essentials.

Dr. Sarah Clements

Dr. Sarah Clements is Pur IsoLabs’ own local Registered Pharmacist, who received her Doctorate of Pharmacy from The University of Texas with a background in Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University. She has over 22 years of pharmacy experience, providing excellent patient care and customer service.

Sarah is also a local business owner with a passion for serving her community and others with her focus on health and wellness. She is a champion of CBD, promoting Pur IsoLabs in pharmacies, as well as utilizing CBD in her own businesses. Serving as Practitioner Faculty for the UT College of Pharmacy, and being certified in Medication Therapy Management, Sarah utilizes many resources to improve health outcomes and provide informative consultations to her patients and our Pur IsoLabs clients alike.

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