Understanding the different variations of hemp CBD and what is the best fit for one’s specific lifestyle needs is paramount to Pur IsoLab’s commitment to it’s customers.  Pur IsoLab’s offers an encompassing line of products with varying extracts.


Isolate products refer to hemp products that have only one “isolated” compound in them, generally, CBD.  In other words, the CBD has been the only compound or cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant.

Broad Spectrum

Broad spectrum products utilize the whole hemp plant.  These products contain percentages of several different compounds, which can include CBN, CBG, etc but no THC.  CBD is still the predominant percentage compound in the formula, with minor percentages of other hemp compounds.  In turn, the combination of the CBD with the additional compounds all working together, maximize the effects of the CBD.  Again, these broad spectrum products are THC free.

Full Spectrum

Full spectrum, like broad spectrum, contains whole hemp plant extracts, with CBD still prevailing as the highest percentage compound, in combination with the additional extracted cannabinoids.  The difference between broad and full spectrum is that full spectrum products can contain levels of THC under 0.3%.  These minimal levels do not cause psychoactive effects.